Wednesday, February 21, 2018

L3 civilisation

La composition de la note:

15% Controle continu civi GB
15% controle continu civi US
70% examen de fin de semestre  (US ou GB, vous ne le savez que le jur de l'examen).

Ce 100% valent 60% de la note finale de l'UE, les autres 40% étant basés sur l'oral à base d'une série de textes à étudier.


Salle F101

L3 Popular Culture

Here is an article on Young British Artists from 2017


Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pop songs about artists

L3 people, here is the pop song about Lowry

And here is the only other pop song I know about a painter, Van


Monday, February 19, 2018

M2 seminar research paper

We will talk about this in class, but here is the basic information:

M2 seminar

Evaluation of this module is by research paper (« mini-dossier »)

The research paper will be 1500 - 1700 words in length, in addition to the bibliography and appendices.

The subject must be approved by your teacher.
It must be based on archival research, online or otherwise.

An essential resource is http://scholar.google.fr/schhp?hl=en which allows you to search university articles, some of which are available free online.

Don’t forget the University Library database which you can access through your University Virtual Deskstop (ENT).
This also includes many articles you can download even when you are at home.

- Handwritten work is not allowed. The research paper must be sent by email in RTF format, and must use correctly the normal rules of layout for university work (footnotes, italics etc).  My email adress is prenom.nom @univ-rouen.fr (John Mullen).

There will be no spelling or typing mistakes, as students will use automatic spellcheck programmes.

Extreme care must be used to avoid plagiarism. If you use more than five words together from another source without saying where it comes from, this counts as copying.

The research paper may be illustrated, if the illustrations add something to the argument.

It must be handed in by the 15th of May.

Panorama des approches historiques

Si vous êtes en train de devenir historien/ne, il vous faut lire ce livre:


M2 1970s seminar

Here is an article about popular culture in the 1970s, which goes into TV and cinema as well as music

Just click here

Here is a piece on the women's movement in the 1970s.

Just click here

And here another article on the same subject with a different opinion

Just click here

Saturday, February 17, 2018

salles de la semaine 19-23 février


M1 LEA L101




Thème agrégation F101

CAPES interne L312

M1 LEA the next class on women in the US

On Tuesday I will have some more to say on women in the US in the 20th century. This week or next week we will be watching extracts of this video in class, with questions.. If these videos are not too easy for you to understand, you can watch it before the class so as to have a head start.


M1 LEA Homework March 2018

Your second semester marked assignment is to watch this US video and write :
a) A summary in English in 500 words
b) Your opinion of the video in English in 250 words (its neutrality or lack of neutrality, or anything else you would like to comment on: all opinions are welcome, you do not get marks for agreeing with me!).

This will count for your semester mark, the other part of which will be from the classroom test on the 20th March.

Here is the video:

India Rising
You will need to watch the video more than once. It is excellent practice in listening to different accents.

You must use only your own words and not quote the exact words which are said in the video. It goes without saying that any sentence used from another source, unless it is quoted and referenced, is plagiarism and strictly forbidden.
It must be written to professional standards: that is to say you must re-read very carefully and eliminate all spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes etc. Learning to use automatic spelling checkers in English (that is learning how to install such software on your computer) is an evident part of taking business English seriously.

Hand the work in by email (rtf format) before the end of March. My email address is prenom.nom@univ-rouen.fr . (And my name is John Mullen).

Civilisation britannique agrégation

There are three two-hour sessions left, which aim at helping you prepare for oral text commentary for the agrégation interne (though of course external candidates are welcome to attend).
These will be on the 14th of March at 8.30 am, on the 21st of March at 8.30 am and on the 11th of April at 4pm.

Choose two documents from the booklet ( a first choice and a second choice)


and send me a mail telling me the documents you have chosen. I will give you a date and confirmation.

Meanwhile, be sure to read over the jury report.  And remember, the best way to get a bad mark is not to say enough true things about the document and the history, so keep watching the videos and reading the books. ( http://journals.openedition.org/rfcb/1661 )


J'ai reçu de l'administration un rappel que le contrôle des présences doit être effectué dans les CM chaque semaine, alors n'oubliez pas de signer la feuille qui circule en cours.

Friday, February 16, 2018

L3, M1 LEA... et d'autres

Concernant les DST en cours, si vous êtes absent ( e ) , même pour une excellente raison (maladie etc), il ne peut pas y avoir d'examen de remplacement: votre seule option est de repasser en deuxième session (à moins d'avoir des notes ailleurs si bonnes que cela se compense). C'est regrettable, mais dès qu'il y a plus de 25 ou 30 étudiants dans un groupe, il y aura toujours un qui est malade, et nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre de doubler l'ensemble des DST.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Concours: Britain since the Romans

If you want to revise your British history, you can find here, in 6 hours, the history of Britain since the Romans! The lectures were given to first year university students.


Podcast, British history, Roman Britain, medieval Britain, Reformation, industrial revolution.

Recording 1 Master 1 LEA Women in the USA

We have now moved onto the last topic this year: Women in the USA. The #metoo campaign has been very much in the news of late. I will be looking back at the history of  women's rights and women's role in the USA.

You will find here a recording of the first lecture on this question.
I hope to put the powerpoint up here on the blog too, soon.

Keywords: podcast, US history, women's rights, lecture

Article and recording L3 Popular culture

I spoke this week in class of Adorno's highly critical view of what popular music does, in society and to the individual. You will find here a case study based on a different view. The article is entitled "What can Political Rock Do?"

As you were probably expecting, there will be a mid-semester classroom test. This will be on the 13th March.

This week's class on Adorno and cultural studies may have been difficult to take in all at once. You can listen to it again here:

Keywords: Adorno, lecture, MP3, podcast, cultural studies, introduction

Concours et actualité

It is best to be up to date with the latest news from Britain and the USA. You will not be expected to be an expert in current affairs, but, if I were you, I would read the headlines for a few weeks, and re-read a good textbook on British Civilization ((in particular, how institutions work, how parties and unions work etc). This is the best one (I wrote a small part of it).

For the UK, Brexit is obviously a big deal. I gave this lecture in French, "Comprendre le Brexit", last year.


And here is today's important news


M1 consultation de copies

Vous pouvez consulter vos copies (historiographie) mercredi 21 à 13h, A503.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Les salles de la semaine


M1 LEA L101
M2 séminaire recherche L311
L3 popular culture T007


Thème agrégation F101
Compréhension agrégation A506
Compréhension CAPES A506
TD civilisation Agrégation A506

L3 Popular culture class 2 recording

Here you will find the second class - the second part of the background history: Britain since 1945, part two. It is in Mp3 format.

Just click here

Key words: British history, university lecture, podcast, Britain since 1945.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

L3 popular culture the background powerpoint

As promised, you will find online below the powerpoint I used for the general historical background of the UK since 1945.

Just click here.

Key words: Powerpoint, British history, Britain since 1945.

Friday, February 09, 2018

Suggested translation Boussole

We will spend a few minutes on this next Wednesday before moving onto the next passage, so please come with specific questions.

         There is no such thing as chance, everything  is linked together, Sarah would have[1] said. Why had I just today received by post this article, an old-fashioned reprint on paper, with staples, rather than a PDF file accompanied by a covering email (which might[2] have included some of her news, and which might have let me know where she was and what this Sarawak place was where she was writing from) ? According to my atlas, it is a state of Malaysia situated in the North West of the island of Borneo, just next to Brunei, land of the wealthy sultan, and not far at all from Debussy’s and Britten’s gamelans, I believe. Yet the content of the article was quite[3] different : there was no music in it, apart from, perhaps, a long funeral dirge ; there were twenty closely printed pages which had been published in the September edition of Representations, a fine journal[4] from the University of Californa to which she had frequently contributed.
 A brief dedication appeared on the cover page of the article, without any further comment «  For you, my dear Franz, with all my love, Sarah ». It had been posted on November 17th, that is to say two weeks previously – it still took two weeks for a letter to travel from Malaysia to Austria ; perhaps she had been a little mean with the stamps - she could[5] have put a postcard in too. What was the meaning of all this ? I went through all I had left of her in my apartment, her articles, two books, a few photographs and even a copy of her doctoral thesis, printed in a red Skivertex binding, two heavy volumes weighing more than six pounds each :

« In life, there are wounds which, like leprosy, eat away at the soul when one is alone »,[6] writes the Iranian author Sadegh Hedayat at the beginning of his novel The Blind Owl : the short man with round spectacles knew this better than anyone else. It was one these wounds that led him to turn the gas full on in his apartment on the Rue Championnet in Paris, one night he was feeling particularly lonely, a night in April, far away from Iran, very far away indeed ; his only company was[7] a couple of poems written by Omar Khayyam and perhaps an old bottle of Cognac, or a tablet of opium, or perhaps nothing, nothing at all, apart from the pages he kept by him and which were taken with him in the vast emptiness of the gas.


[1] By using « would have said » you avoid the potential ambiguity of « would say ».
[2] We are speaking here of an imaginary email. « Might » is the best option. The difficulty with « could » is it suggests physical capacity, which imaginary emails do not have.
[3] Notice that, here, the word « quite » means « completely ».
[4] Academics generally write in journals, not magazines.
[5] Here it i sbest to use « could » because « might » would be ambiguous.
[6] Be careful with the distinction between solitude and loneliness.

[7] Note that this cannot be plural.